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Main Office:

14953 NE 95th Street

Redmond, WA 98052


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Tim Currier

Managing Partner

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Kevin McNulty

Managing Partner

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David Correia

Account Manager

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Mike Santos

Account Manager

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Steve Fadness

Account Manager

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Jayson Lizardo

Sr. Project Manager

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Brianna Hudson

Office Manager/Accounting

Western Canada Division:

Glenair Sales Group, Western Canada

15 Beny-Sur-Mer Rd.

Calgary, Alberta T3E 6Z9



Marlowe Enns

Account Manager

(587) 349-1125 office

  1. (403)519-8185 mobile

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Excellence In Service is something that the Glenair Northwest QSG team strives for.  As a SALES and ENGINEERING firm, we are the front line of success at our client’s customer base.  As product experts we manage all aspects of technical design and engineering efforts, which includes product development, product marketing, and training, Due to the nature of very long development and production cycles inherent in the aerospace industry, QSG excels by fielding a strong team of product experts with a long term approach to engineering investment and development that can be leveraged by both our client and customers alike.

By Partnering with industry leaders who design and manufacturer the best components in their market segment, we work with our regional customer base to achieve the best solution each and every time.  QSG maintains very  strong relationships in several key market segments including: Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Industrial-Automotive, Military and Defense, Rail, Ship Building and Maintenance, and Space. 

For the last 9 years we have worked extensively with Glenair, Inc. to grow the aerospace, shipping, defense and industrial markets in the Northwest Region.  In September of 2011 we were pleased to announce our “great northern expansion” as we took over management of Western Canada for all Glenair products.  This is a huge and evolving undertaking and we are very excited for this vote of confidence by Glenair management.

Please note: At this time we are not accepting any new clients.

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